Legal Structure:

鈼忋Established in 2008.
鈼忋Legal Structure : Private Chinese.
鈼忋Export Licence achieved in 2008.


Company organization:
鈼忋Factory :5000 sqm
鈼忋Factory Employees : 150
鈼忋Engineers and Specialists : 10-20
鈼忋Office Employees :50


SMT Factory Information :

4 Assembly lines producing day and night

70 Direct labor

10 Indirect labor and quality control



Production Equipment :

鈥籋igh-speed Placer High-speed mounter (Japanese Build)

鈼忋30000 shot/ h

鈼忋Light strips and Tube lighting



    Production Equipment :

    鈥籖eflow oven machine (China)



      Testing Equipment :

      鈥籆omplete Lighting Analysis System (Diameter : 2M)

      鈥籄nalysis System allows us to measure:

      鈼忋Chromaticity coordinates

      鈼忋Color temperature

      鈼忋Color rendering lndex


      鈼忋Peak wavelength

      鈼忋Luminous flux

      鈼忋Color ratio

      鈼忋Optical radiation power