Product Information





1. Ra: 鈮70
2. Lamps shape: Integrated
3. Cover: Milky/ transparent
4. Lamp Body Material: Aluminum+pc
5. Color Temperature(CCT): CW/DW/WW







Part No. Size(mm) Power Lamp beads Lumen
YF-T5W03A 肖15*270 4W 30 pcs 550 lm
YF-T5W06A 肖15*570 8W 60 pcs 950 lm
YF-T5W09A 肖15*870 12W 90 pcs 1350 lm
YF-T5W12A 肖15*1170 16W 120 pcs 1800 lm






1. With internal or external Non-isolated power supply.
2. Use the most mature LED Chip as light source, which can ensure the led tube brightness and long lifetime, also can reduce the light decay.
3. Use the high quality aluminum PCB for LED's better heat dissipation.
4. High-grade PC cover with nice light transmittance(> 95%),Transparent PC cover, Milky PC cover are available.
5. 120 degrees beam angle makes the lighting effect better.
6. CRI(standard products)>70
7. Ambient temperature:-20掳C-40掳C, surface temperature: 42掳C-45掳C
8. No mercury, lead or other hazardous materials; no radiation,no electromagnetic radiation, no frequency flash, instant startup, no hurting eyes.







1. Illumination lighting for homes,offices,restaurants,hotels,malls,buses,trains,warehouses,parking lots etc.
2. Task lighting for cabinets,cupboards etc in your homes,restaurants,and kitchens or any other places where accent lighting is required.
3. lighting for the articles in your stores and shops.
4. Back lighting for square billboards or advertisement boards.